Take WordPress Editing Experience to the Next Level

With the simple and easy-to-use interface, you can visually design any post and page with Gutenberg blocks!

Advanced Blocks

Kenta Blocks has a set of responsive blocks with powerful options. It takes full advantage of the WordPress editor’s features.

Ultimate layout

You can add various columns and nested sections to create various unique layouts. You can also set the background, shadows, etc. for each section and column.

Customize Everything

Whether it’s margins or colors, fonts, etc., fully customizable for every Kenta Blocks, You can achieve almost any design, no limit!

Responsive Design

All blocks are responsive, it looks great on any device, and you can customize the style for any device.

Awesome Blocks


You can add various columns and nested sections to create various unique layouts.


Redirect users to your important pages or websites.


Use 2000+ FontAwesome icons in your website. Catch the visitor’s eye.


Fully customizable backgrounds, shadows, overlay styles and shape divider, and it’s useful for create amazing Big Hero.


Add space between blocks to make your design more appealing and cleaner


Create a customizable title for each section with various markups from H1 to H6, You can also use 1000+ Google fonts.


Create a customizable paragraph width 1000+ Google fonts and multiple setting options.


You can set shadows, borders, border radius and css filters for images.

More blocks coming soon!

You will fall in love with Kenta Blocks

Kenta Blocks will free forever, Using Kenta Blocks to create something awesome today!