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#2024 Sale is Live! Use the promo code HELLO_KENTA_2024 to get  20%  off today.

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Slides Block (KB)

Slides Block is available since v1.2.0.

Slides block display a carousel with any blocks in the slides, also known as sliders, slick, slideshow. When you add a block, find the icon below and click on it to create a Slides (KB) block.

The screenshot below shows the default Slides block in the editor and front-end.

Tip: Click on the image to view it in full screen.

Slides Block Settings

When you select Slides Block in the editor, you can edit the slider settings in the block properties panel on the right.

Note: Some features, such as animations, autoplay are not available in the editor.

If you want to show more than one Slider Item at a time (as a carousel), just modify the Slide To Show option to be greater than 1.

Add Slide Item

When you select Slides Block, an Add Slide Item button will appear under the carousel and you can add a new slide Item by clicking it. (Tip: The add button does not appear when you select a Slide Item, you can quickly select a Slides Block by clicking on the pagination dots or navigation arrow.)

Free version adds up to 4 Slide items, if you need more, please upgrade premium.

Delete Slide Item

Once a Slide Item is selected, you can press delete key or delete it from the block toolbar.

Customize Slide Item

After you select any slide item, you can add any block inside it, no limit! You can also customize the style of the Slide Item using our extensive options.

Customize Slides Pagination / Navigation

This feature requires you to upgrade to premium version.

With the style options we provide, you can customize the slides Pagination(Dots)/Navigation(Prev/Next button) style very easily. Make your slides unique and more eye-catching by customizing them.