#2024 Sale is Live! Use the promo code HELLO_KENTA_2024 to get  20%  off today.

#2024 Sale is Live! Use the promo code HELLO_KENTA_2024 to get  20%  off today.

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Contact Form

Do you want to collect user feedback on your website? If your answer is Yes, then you have come to the right place. Kenta theme is perfectly integrated with the world’s most popular free Contact Form 7 plugin which is being actively used on nearly 5 million WordPress sites.

The Contact Form 7 plugin can be downloaded and installed for free from the WordPress dashboard.

Create New Contact Form

After installing the Contact Form 7 plugin, you will need to create a form to be displayed on the front-end.

Here is the sample code:

<div class="kenta-cf">
<div class="kenta-inner-label">
<label for="your-name"> Your name </label>[text* your-name autocomplete:name id:your-name]

<div class="kenta-inner-label">
<label for="your-email"> Your email </label>[email* your-email autocomplete:email id:your-email]

<div class="kenta-inner-label">
<label for="subject"> Subject</label>[text* your-subject id:subject] 

<div class="kenta-inner-label">
<label for="message"> Your message</label>[textarea your-message id:message]

<div class="kenta-full-width-submit">
[submit "Submit"]

Show In Frontend

You can use the shortcode to display the contact form on any page. Here’s what it looks like on the front end:

In the Pro version we support display forms via HTML element in the header and footer. This way it can be displayed on all pages.

Built-in Form CSS class

Kenta theme has some form CSS classes built in. It allows you to customize the style of your forms, and this list will change as the theme is updated.


Using this class to wrap your form inputs, the label will be displayed inside the input control and hiding the label when the user clicks or edits the input control.

with .kenta-inner-label class

default label style


This class allows your submit button to be displayed at full width.

.kenta-form-classic & .kenta-form-modren

Kenta theme has two built-in styles of forms: classic and modern. You can configure the form style globally via Customizing ▸ Content Settings ▸ Forms.

When you create a custom form, we allow you to override the default styles by using .kenta-form-classic and .kenta-form-modren class wrappers. Here is the different: