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Debugging Tips

Sometimes you may run into problems using Kenta Theme and other plugins, and you’ll need to debug to know exactly what’s going on so we can fix it.

  1. Deactivate all of your plugins except Kenta Companion Plugin – does the issue still exist? If not, activate each plugin one by one until the issue happens again. This way, you can pinpoint the problem plugin.
  2. Turn on WP DEBUG – do any errors display in your Dashboard or on your live site?
  3.  If you’re getting a white screen while Customizing or somewhere else, try increasing your memory limit.
  4. Activate the core WordPress theme (Twenty Twenty-One) – does the issue still exist? If so, we know it’s not a Kenta specific issue.
  5. Check your error_log (or ask your hosting to) – are there any big errors in there?